It was never about scoring the last shot or driving the ball alone down the court. It took pain, practice, a plan, a team, and a great coach to navigate through the toughest challenges in order to become the champions of life. Life is full of unexpected obstacles in which we all endure at many points in our lives. As humans we encounter the good and evil, the yin and yang in which we call this the never ending balance. Fifty2hundred was born out of this concept of good and evil. We represent the unapologetic, the misunderstood, and those reaching for their higher purpose. We are a multifunctional lifestyle brand built for those who aren’t afraid to try. Our goal is to expand on the potential of streetwear apparel and goods. Founded through many layers of trial and tribulations. Fifty2hundred took it upon ourselves to create more than an apparel brand but an entity that connects the community together and inspires the generations to come.
We are in the League of our own